Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Mt. Bur-Omisace

Sand-strewn Pass
Kiltias (at entrance): His Grace, the Gran Kiltias Anastasis, watches over all Mt. Bur-Omisace, land closest to the gods. Can you not feel your soul’s burdens lifted?
Traveling Merchant (seeq at right): This mountain may be protected by the Kiltias, but should you venture to Paramina Rift, you’d best go prepared. [shop menu]
Traveling Merchant (hume man at left): You don’t have the look of a pilgrim, nor a starving refugee. You… have money? Go on, buy somethin’! [shop menu]
Hymms: Many are the fiends that lurk in the crags of Paramina, but of them, the elementals, appearing during heavy snows, are the most dangerous.
Refugee (man with chocobo talking to Kiltias): Here, on Mt. Bur-Omisace, the Kiltias protect us, yes? We will not need to leave our home again, yes?
Kiltias (speaking with refugee): Be at ease. Mt. Bur-Omisace is a holy place, protected by the gods themselves. You need not fear a thing.
Refugee (woman standing beside kid): We gather in this place because Mt. Bur-Omisace is the holy mountain of the Kiltias. We are safe from empires and their wars, here…
Temple Approach
Refugee (man in brown pants listening to Kiltias): This is not the best land upon which to make a living, but here we are safe from armies and fiends. That is enough.
Refugee (man in blue pants listening to Kiltias): I was set upon by fiends in Paramina Rift, when the Kiltias saved me! I owe them my life.
Kiltias (woman speaking to group of three refugees): More than ten thousand souls find peace on Mt. Bur-Omisace. Our doors are open to all. The blessings of the gods be with you. Faram.
Refugee (man in blue plants speaking with seeq and other man): Me? I was born in Nabradia. My village was burned to the ground in the war two years ago, and I made my way here. I envy you Dalmascan folk. Even an occupation’s better than seeing your home and everything you loved reduced to a pile of ashes…
Refugee (black bangaa walking around): This place reeks of poverty. Tch, there’s not a thing of value in the whole camp. ...Uh, what I just said, you didn’t hear that. I’m a refugee too. They kick me out of here, I’ve no place to go.
Refugee (woman in blue dress talking with family): We cannot rely on the Kiltias to provide everything for us. We must do what we can to help.
Kiltias (woman walking back and forth): Ah, another refugee. I can see you’re weary. Please, eat and rest. You are safe here.
Refugee (man in brown pants speaking with seeq and other man): They say the Gran Kiltias Anastasis can silence a king, or even an emperor, with a single withering glare. What I want to know is, why does he hide up here on this mountain? He should be down there, stopping those warmongers.
Refugee (man in gray pants at end of food line): At home, I chased rats in the gutters - for food, not for sport. Here I sleep with my belly full each day. It is like paradise, you see.
Refugee (man in brown pants, second in food line): Ah, a new arrival? Don’t worry, no need to jump the queue here. There’s food enough for all.
Refugee (man in darker brown pants, first in food line): We are refugees from the Republic of Landis, fallen to the Empire long ago… before you were born, son. When we first came here, there were few of us enough. Now, the fires of war rage outside, and we are close to overflowing.
Kiltias (woman at head of line): There’s enough for all. Please, no pushing.
Refugee (woman in blue dress talking to man by soup line): Ahead on the temple grounds, there’s a viera, name of Relj. I’d heard her kind were frigid, but that one is made of ice.
Refugee (man slumped over sitting on crate, listening to woman): ...You came through Golmore Jungle? Ah, yes, I see, you jape with me! We both know no viera would allow a hume to pass through their Wood.
Refugee (black tattooed bangaa walking around by stone archway): Up from here are the temple grounds. Never been, myself. They don’t feed you up there.
Refugee (man in brown pants looking out over camp): See how many tents there are? There’s more every day. I’m thinking to leave this place. The more people come, the less space there is for all.
Kiltias (woman standing to right in stone archway): Ah, a pilgrim. The temple grounds are ahead. The Light shine upon your path. Faram.
Temple Grounds
Kiltias (woman standing in front of entrance): Welcome to Mt. Bur-Omisace, holy mountain of the Kiltias. May I ask why you’ve come to us?
>On pilgrimage.
I see. All are welcome here. Through these temple grounds you will find the sanctum where the Gran Kiltias Anastasis presides.
>As refugees.
I see. All are welcome here. However, this is the way to the temple where the Gran Kiltias Anastasis presides. The Kiltias tend to refugees beside the road by which you came.
Archadian Wayfarer: Can’t fly in jagd so I came by ship, but the view from here was worth the long journey. I’m no believer, but this place is impressive.
Kiltias (one of two listening to nu mou acolyte): Every day we welcome more refugees seeking the protection of the Kiltias, and our capacity to feed and shelter them grows ever more strained.
Acolyte (talking to a man and a woman Kiltias from edge of path): We cannot feed the refugees indefinitely, but must give them the means to feed themselves. If only one could magick foodstuffs…
Kiltias (man standing at side of path): The building ahead is the main temple. Within you shall find the Hall of the Light where His Grace Anastasis presides.
Kiltias (woman walking back and forth across path): You have the look of one who knows many technicks. But did you know that some technicks alter their range with different weapons? For instance, were you to use Souleater upon a winged foe, a sword would not avail you, yet a bow would serve in good stead. A good grasp of the situation is essential to prevailing in combat.
Acolyte (nu mou talking to two Kiltias in middle of path): The islands floating in the sky are said to be the remains of a great sky continent, shattered and fallen long ago. Even now, they bleed power, robbing airships of their buoyancy.
Kiltias (woman at right, at top of steps): Ah, a pilgrim. Continue on to reach the Hall of the Light, where presides His Grace the Gran Kiltias Anastasis.
Acolyte (nu mou preaching from atop a crate): My sleep oft troubled of late. I pray ‘tis merely the nerves of an old man. Light guide your path. Faram.
Kiltias (woman in four-person group listening to nu mou acolyte): The old and wise nu mou elders teach us Kiltias. Simply speaking with them is a revelation.
Kiltias (woman talking to man Kiltias at edge): We Kiltias live on the gifts of believers. In the past, Nabradia and Dalmasca, too, gave generously, but those days are no more.
Kiltias (woman in large group listening to nu mou acolyte): The elders are concerned about the future of our mountain. Are the ever-swelling waves of refugees a sign of more evil to come? Faram.
Kiltias (woman walking around area to the left stairs to Hall of Light): The refugee’s numbers are growing, while the pilgrims’ decrease. It is sad. I would think the faith vital in times such as these.
Kiltias (woman standing before stairs to Hall of Light): I ask that you remain quiet while in the Hall of the Light. His Grace is a dreamsage, and must have silence. Do not disturb his meditation.
Relj: Alone… Leave me alone. The hearts of humes are weak. I dare not grow close to them, lest mine grow weak as well.
Kiltias (woman talking to Relj): Alone…? Relj, do not say such things!
Wyrm Philosopher: I came to the Paramina Rift hoping to study a rare strain of wyrm known as the vyraal. Sadly, I’ve been most disappointed. If not the Rift, where might it be?
Acolyte (nu mou looking out over edge): Mt. Bur-Omisace is protected by the holy power of His Grace the Gran Kiltias. Once, long ago, a great wyrm, filled with avarice, sought to steal the riches of our mountain, but His Grace drove it off to Paramina.
Kiltias (woman on right, in middle of stairs to Hall of Light): Up the steps you’ll find the Hall of the Light, where presides His Grace, Anastasis.
Acolyte (nu mou at top of stairs to Hall of Light): Ah, you are in Lord Larsa’s party, yes? The Gran Kiltias awaits within. You shall find him through these doors.

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